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Work with us.


Where would people be without you?


Thankyou for all the wonderful work you do


As we begin our journey empowering people to help themselves out of poverty and homelessness your UK outreach organization, no matter how small, can play a very important role in creating LASTING CHANGE.


We think you’re AMAZING!


As you generously dedicate your time and all of your kindness to being there at all hours, right on the front lines where people need you the most we have the utmost respect for everything that you. Without YOU many people will face hunger and the harshness of all weathers, and will be lost without that regular friendly face and listening ears that they can turn to.


Let’s work together


Will you be our eyes and ears out there on the front lines?

We need people like you to keep a look out for people who are experiencing homelessnes and who would love an opportunity to help themselves by taking advantage of our complete “bursary packages” for training and education in OUTDOORS CAREERS.


Our bursary provides everything thing a person will need like temporary accommodation, address and bank accounts, clothing and food, phone and laptops and internet connectivity, transportation, insurances, coaches, trainers and assessments etc….  and when they obtain that meaningful qualification they will have options and be supported to train to higher levels, to work with us to help the next homeless person and the next, or to go self employed and be supported with business mentoring too.  They may also choose , with an amazing CV to get a job in a related field.


We GIVE BACK to you too!


As a mutual “partnership” we provide lots of space on our community forums to promote your organization and the work that you do. We can also arrange for our members to make those very much needed donations that you are always in need of, particularly, clothing and foodstuff.  We can also run promotions to get you more followers in your facebook group or twitter profile. Every little helps!  Quick raffles?….well they create miracles don’t they?


A co-ordinated effort


Our outreach co-ordinator as many of you may already know is Paul Jackman who runs and supports several outreach programs in and around Lincolnshire. With years of experience helping the homeless, as well as the refugees, Paul will support you and offer his friendly advice if ever you need him. When you think you know of somebody who would love to take advantage of our bursaries for training and eduction, Paul is your first port of call and he will be right there as soon as possible. There will be a link always displayed so you can contact him easily


Take the first step and join us today.

Let’s be there for each other as we DO GREAT THINGS for those experiencing the isolation and degradation of homeless in the UK today.