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Work with us as personal and business coaches mentors and trainers.


We are providing bursaries to empower people experiencing homelessness in the UK to train towards Outdoors Careers in the UK. And each will need lots of personal and business development support……varying according to each unique individual’s needs.


RESPECT. We don’t expect you to work for free because we only want the BEST for our students!


As we facilitate the training and education for our “Students of Life”  (SOL’S) we will be employing the services of the very best in coaches mentors and trainers, who can work on 1-2-1 basis, connecting in person or via skype sessions, and responsibly upholding the utmost respect for a persons values and choices they make in their life.


We are proud to invest into UK small business owners. It makes good commercial sense to us.


We all need each other to survive in business because that’s how jobs are created and how people remain in meaningful work. That’s an economical fact of life.  Working together is a million times better than competing with one another and let’s face facts… nobody can DO IT ALL by themselves all of the time can they?  We certainly know that what we are doing cannot be done alone. That’s why we need your help.


Great coaches and mentors and trainers motivate, support, educate, and make things happen for people. They make the journey from A to B and beyond even more remarkable.

The mental bits, the spiritual bits and the outdoorsy bits too!


We can’t make any promises. But as we expand throughout out the UK, helping one homeless person after the next we will be co-ordinating the vital support systems that each unique individual needs at any time.

Some may need support for overcoming greater personal challenges than others as you can imagine a person who experiencing PTSD would need more intensive support than a person with a mild depression.

All of our students will need coaching and training in outdoors skills depending on the sector that they choose to train in…. Walking, caving, canoeing, cob house building, you name it…… specialists in every field imaginable.

Basic and advanced business skills so that a person succeeds in self-employment.  All those marketing and promotions headaches to enjoy!  Yes almost everybody needs to avoid them don’t they?


Be ready for business and expect a call from us at any time!


We shall be connected and developing good relationships anyway. It’s all part of the greater plan that paths are meant to cross and each has something wonderful to offer in support of each other.  As soon as a “Student of Life” needs your help in your area we shall contact you to discuss and make arrangements.


So be sure to join us, CONNECT,  and take complete and utter advantage of us with a membership, and by promoting your business and enjoying how we can promote you too!  EVERYBODY WINS.