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The Outdoor Muckers are a whole load of like minded people from the UK and ROI who are love the great outdoors and are doing stuff that matters, for themselves, their communities and the planet.

If you are looking for new friends or even that someone special in your life you are bound to meet them when you get out and about, having fun and getting healthier too.  Friendship and health are quite simply the things that you cannot buy, but being around fun loving and caring people, who appreciate what life has on offer and who love to be good stewards of our planet too, is a sure-fire way to lift and motivate you (and your family)to make every day a special day.

Take things one little step at a time with the more gentle and spiritual stuff or bail right in and challenge yourself to the extreme. Do stuff that matters to you, by helping yourself to more vibrant health and vitality, or do stuff that matters to your community like cleaning the local beauty spots or organizing organic food swapping activities. It really is unlimited what you can take part in or create yourself with the support of your new friends and a little bit of imagination.

The choice is yours, and you can join us for FREE today.  So why wait any longer?


Meet like-minded friends who love the great outdoors