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Outdoor Muckers is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, Social Enterprise, bringing together people and small businesses who value friendship and nature, to give a hand-up to empower people to help themselves out of homelessness in the UK

One Person, One Project, One step at a TIME

When Mark Walks

1000 Miles Away from Homelessness



Will You Be By His Side?



Wrapping Him in Friendship

Immersing Him In Nature

Helping Him to Help Himself

A Person Centered Approach

Together We Can Give Mark a HAND-UP

and help him to create

Lasting Change in his Life

Outline Brief for Mark is:


Walk towards good health covering increasing distances and experiencing different terrains


Meet lots of new friends along the way who value friendship and nature


Learn new skills, take assessments and gain meaningful qualifications


Qualified then, reach out and improve the lives of others

With Your Kindness & Generosity

TOGETHER we can cover the costs of accommodation, clothing and equipment, travel, connectivity, food and support by the highest quality mentors and vocational training and assessments for the next 9 months of Mark’s life.

Then he will be able to walk towards good health and a sustainable career as Hills and Moorland Leader (his personal choice) and continue to help others who are experiencing homelessness too.

100% of donations will be used to support Mark on his

1000 Mile Journey for Change.

(less token pay-pal fees)

Every donor, whether personal or business will receive an invitation to follow Mark’s progress, add a few kind words of encouragement and an opportunity to meet Mark in person and many of his walks across the UK.

Any surplus funds will carry over to help the next person.

£1 Will Put a Healthy Drink in his Rucksack

£2 Will Put a Healthy Snack in his Rucksack

£5 Will Give Healthy Food for a Day

£10 Will Cover the Cost of a Guided Group walk

£15 Will Buy some Thermal Underwear

£20 Will Provide Accommodation for a Night

£50 Will Cover the Cost of a Personal Coaching Session

£100 Will Povide Accommodation for a Week

Pay it Forward with Mark

£709 of £15,000 raised


Mark has been homeless for almost 30 years.

Living a life of constant depression and fears Mark has been one of thousands of people who always slipped through the net and unable to get his life back on track.

Age 49, Mark now looks forward to the unique opportunity to turn his life around and finally be able to do something which will help him back to good health, physically, mentally and spiritually, but moreover to be able to GIVE BACK by helping others.

Every penny of your donations will fund person centered vocation training projects to empower Mark to help himself out of homelessness and to gain meaningful skills and qualifications in an outdoors career of HILLS and MOORLAND LEADER. This is a fantastic career in of the UK’s fastest growing industries and will enable Mark to diversify and put his own stamp on his life and his future too.

Once qualified Mark wants dearly to go on to help others who have experienced homelessness too. With his kind heart and willingness to succeed we know Mark will be able to do this and we also know that he will be in all of our hearts forever.

One of the nicest things you can do today is share your kindness and generosity and help fund the next 6-9 months of Mark’s life as he walks 1000 miles away from homelessness.  And as an added bonus… you will have an opportunity to join Mark on many of his walks as he comes to an area close to you in the near future. We are sure you will all have many stories to share.

Personal Info


Donation Total: £1.00

An Update So Far

It took a few months before Mark began to trust us and to realize that being a HILLS AND MOORLAND LEADER a sustainable career for the rest of his life was actually in reach.

As a few people decided to do a skydive to help Mark on his journey ahead we thought it a great idea to challenge him to do a skydive himself.

With an attitude of “I’ve got nothing to lose so I’m not afraid of dying” off we went to do an amazing Skydive with North West Skydive in Cumbria


Best part simply has to be the BIG HUG for his instructor who brought him safely to earth without too much of a bump at all.


Good luck for the future Mark… things are about to get a whole lot better!


Will YOU do some fundraising?

We need YOU to help fund-raise for Mark.

Please click here to learn more

We'd like to thank the following gracious donors:

  • Reina, Rob and Elle Simpson £20
  • Hazel Barlow £5
  • Emma Pearson £5
  • Rob Walters £20
  • Jane Lewis £50
  • Gary Solomon £20
  • Hayley Rennie £2
  • Alison Salmon £1
  • Tom Hughes £5
  • James Higgins £100
  • Andy Scargill £10
  • Mark Higham £10
  • Dave and Ellen Butcher £20
  • Jodie Barrington £20
  • Paul Halliday £10
  • Barbara Humphries £20
  • Steve Davies £50
  • James Trunks £10
  • Phil Jeffery £20
  • Annabel Bennet £140
  • David Hunt £33
  • John Garrett £15
  • Mike Hartley £32
  • Karen Maskall £1
  • Laura Maskall £1
  • Jane Jones £10
  • Karen Maskall £500