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When Life Gives You Lemons

and suddenly you are homeless


What would you do?


One day “life gives you really bad lemons” and you become just one more statistic in the ever growing number of homeless persons in the UK and Ireland


You sometimes stay on friends sofas feeling as though you shouldn’t really be there, and sometimes you find room in a noisy hostel full of people that you really don’t want to be around.  Your car, which for a short while, provided temporary privacy and somewhere really uncomfortable to rest your weary head, is long gone, along with your job because the depression and fatigue that is now a major part of your life has made you unhealthy and unreliable. Your world is now the only few possessions you have left in your rucksack.

The authorities, for some very strange reason, determine that you are not vulnerable. 


That really sucks! 


Because the longer you are homeless you are becoming ever more depressed and potentially suicidal. On the streets you are very VULNERABLE to injury from aggressive persons hell bent on hating you for asking for a few bob to get a bite to eat.


They give you numbers to call private landlords who can provide you with overpriced accommodation that is unsuitable by many standards. But nobody gives you the thousand pounds that you need for a deposit and a months rent up front. And you don’t have the assurity of a job yet so your landlord has itchy feet thinking he won’t be getting his rent if ever you get sanctioned with your benefits support which it’s highly likely at some point you WILL.  It’s a pretty awful lose lose situation.  No job no home, no home no job!


Your mobile phone, your lifeline, keeps running out of credit and there aren’t many places you can go to charge it up either.  You get relieved of these problems when you get all your things robbed whist you were grabbing 40 winks on a park bench.


As the nights get colder your brain goes as numb as your fingers and your toes.  It never rains… it just pours and pours. You feel grottier and mustier by the day even though you try to wash and clean up in public toilets.  You can’t bear to look in the mirror because you’re afraid of what you will see, as you can’t cover the dark shadows around your eyes anymore!  You are soooooo tired you don’t even know what day it is. You finally lose touch with any friends you had because you are now too embarrassed for them to even see you.

You are BROKE!

And you are very soon on your way to being BROKEN!


Then one day…. someone says that lots of friends who cared enough to LISTEN to you, have raised sufficient funds to give you an opportunity to help yourself out of homelessness and poverty, and to train for a sustainable career in the Great Outdoors, (a fast growing industry) with the provision of a complete bursary that covers the costs of:

  • temporary accommodation
  • clothing and equipment
  • food and basic essentials
  • transport
  • phone and internet access
  • insurances
  • professional training and support (personal and business)
  • assessments and qualifications

And you are challenged to walk 1000 miles over the UK in 6-9 months


These great friends will be supporting you every step of the way and you will be able to keep them fully informed of all of your daily experiences and challenges, and even have many opportunities to meet up with them as they eagerly wish to join you in person on your daily jaunts.  Imagine how great it will be to actually meet up with people that cared to listen to you enough to help you to regain your dignity and literally walk from your homeless situation.


All you have to do is really really want to work very hard, and to commit to a very real and tangible learning and training, that requires courage and determination to succeed.  Because you will be walking maybe 1000 miles all over the UK to a sustainable career in the Great Outdoors, and you will be getting healthier, physically, mentally and spirtually by the day!


Once you are back on the ladder of life, and have that basic qualification in the Great Outdoors, you will be GIVING BACK to others as you guide them through the hills and moorlands of the UK helping them to experience the sheer beauty and challenge that the most wonderful terrains and landscapes can provide.


As Helen Keller said “Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows!”

Homelessness: Any of us at any time!

If you were homeless…


Would you be hoping every day that you would  be given a chance to lift yourself up, to regain your dignity, to get healthier physically mentally and spiritually, to have an amazing support network of great friends and professionals who will LISTEN to you, support you and help you to keep your face to the sunshine?

It could so easily be ANY OF US!

WE NEED TO START SOMEWHERE and we need to start now!

How you can help TODAY