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Be a Buddy for a Friend in Need

A few days, a week, or more?

Our “buddy” system is designed to give support to a “SOL” Student of Life who is making the huge change from life on the streets into life as a fully qualified Outdoors Leader.

A “buddy” will offer friendship, a listening ear, company, encouragement and moral support.

Homeless persons often have had no outside support from from any family or friends for long periods of time and so the “buddy” system aims to offer that type of support system that a SOL can rely on.

Friendship makes all the difference

can you be there for a friend in need?

It is vitally important for the SOL to feel like a valued and respected member of society and so providing them with a support system in their local community is very important to help them make long term positive life changes.

Being there for a student at the end of a long day out on their training course, with the kettle on and a friendly smile, can be all they need to cheer them up and know that somebody cares about them. Maybe some company on an evening playing card games, or watching the soaps on TV so they don’t feel lonely. Simply being there as a friend can make all the difference.

Friends do normal stuff together

If you enjoy the outdoors then maybe you might even accompany SOL on many of his/her walks over fells and moorlands they are undertaking as part of their training.

Doing activities together such as a nice evening BBQ, a trip to a local attraction or a Sunday roast dinner together offers plenty of opportunity for laughter and fun. We often underestimate the value of our wellbeing of feeling part of a community and connected to other people. The “buddy” system will offer all these benefits to a SOL.

Friendship offers many rewards

Lets not forget too that being a buddy to someone is very rewarding. You get to play an important part of a students journey to a life improved, watching them first hand developing their confidence, independence and skills as their course progresses.

Encouraging, celebrating and being proud of every success with them as they make positive life changes and become qualified Outdoors Leaders. There is so much we can learn from meeting new people and taking the time to listen to their stories and experiences in life compassionately and without judgment.

We really are all Students of Life and we can learn a great deal from each other enriching our lives along the way.

How does it work?

As a volunteer buddy you will be staying in a beautiful caravan on the same certified caravan site as our SOL. These sites are in rural locations all over the UK and are usually a maximum of five van sites or small CL sites. All sites will have the basic facilities. There are usually villages with local amenities close by.

All expenses will be paid, site fees, insurances, travelling expenses and some food costs so that you can at times prepare evening meals or a BBQ to share with our SOL. You will need to bring your own bedding and towels and toiletries that’s all.

A knowledge of caravanning will be a bonus but not vital as such skills are easy to learn.

Basically it’s just like enjoying a free holiday but at the same time being a real friend for a friend in need, our SOL.

Interested in volunteering as a Buddy?

Here's what to do next

You will need to register with our community but you will have access to a very private group specifically for buddies where you can ask lots of questions and get answers.  The link to the private group will be on the main menu and viewable only by buddies who have joined via the button below on this page.

As you know its early days yet but we plan to have our first project up and running March 2017 and that will mean around 20-52 weeks available for buddies to “book in”.

LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU on behalf of all our friends in need.

Register as a Buddy