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We believe in the power of giving and receiving and when people give from the bottom of their hearts that something wonderful always happens.


So what if we said to you, that for a token donation, the price of a cup of coffee, YOUR GIFT will make the following happen.


YOU will be part of an incredible journey of HOPE. One man’s 1000 mile journey away from 30 years of homelessness who will then go on to TOUCH and IMPROVE the lives of others


YOU will be able to share words of kindness and support to him personally and you will even be able to meet him up on his travels as he passes through the county where you live.


YOU will be invited to take part in some wonderful prize draws, of amazing products and services donated to us by the businesses that support our cause


YOU will have the opportunity to shine and to share YOUR gift of love and kindness over and over and over again.


YOU will be making LASTING CHANGE happen in the lives of hundreds of people who are experiencing the isolation and degradation of homelessness