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We have had so many people ask why would we provide a roof over a head in the form of a caravan instead of perhaps offering to pay the rent on a small property.

The answers are quite simple really.

We are very serious about making sure that our students vans and siting are excellent and condusive to them being able to build up their health, get their spirit back and to get on with the job in hand to build a great future for themselves as professional outdoors instructors.

Caravans are warm and comfortable

A lovely clean warm caravan which is fully equipped with kitchen and shower room, and fully serviced is the perfect temporary accommodation. The facilities on the listed sites will be fully functional, clean  and suitable for all. 

Caravans move easily

Having the ability to tour is more condusive to enabling a student to experience different geological locations which will broaden thier horizons adding value to any outdoors training courses they are taking

Caravans are less worry

Without bills to juggle and landlords to negotiate with a caravan is far less stressful.

Caravans are inspiring

A caravan in the great outdoors, is much more beautiful and soul inspiring. As the student for life will be a HUGE fan of the great outdoors we know that being sited in some of the loveliest places will give them a still sense of freedom and the feeling that they are very close to nature. Small caravan sites are peaceful and truly lovely places to be. They just go hand in hand with outdoors pursuits in every way

Caravans are seasonal

 A caravan is suitable for all weathers. Even freezing cold temperatures outside because … they do have heating believe it or not! Only in extreme weather conditions, like very very high winds might a caravan be considered a bit unsafe. A bed ‘n breakfast can soon put paid to that though.

Caravans are sociable

Friends can come and go. Some old friends might visit for a weekend and pitch a tent up. Some might come and stay in the awning. And there are so many lovely people on caravan sites that are in relaxed mode simply enjoying themselves in the outdoors too. PLUS there will be many new friends on Outdoor Muckers who might like to come visit sometime to offer thier support.

I wouldn’t expect anybody to live in a caravan unless I was prepared to do so too.

Karen Maskall: Founder of Outdoor Muckers.





Outdoor muckers is Socail Enterprise giving back to society

"Outdoor Muckers" is a social enterprise initiative with a social objective to have a positive impact on helping the homeless in the UK and ROI, whilst trading as a great place for people from all walks of life in the UK and ROI to make new friends with like minded people who love the great outdoors.

And whilst we are all having fun meeting up with each other in the great outdoors, you can be assured that your membership is making a real difference to homeless persons too!

So please be sure to come along and have some fun meeting new like-minded friends who love the great outdoors so we can get on with making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.