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Thank-you once again for your kind donation

We also sincerely thank Smiiffy for his donation of a free music track in support of our project empowering a person to help him/herself by literally walking away from homelessness towards great health and a sustainable career in the great outdoors.

Smiiffy is a 22 year old rapper who is passionate about putting an end to suicide rates. He raps his own personal experiences and puts them into a song in hope he can help others in a positive manner.

iTunes top 40 artist Smiiffy devotes everything to others in need and his own supporters who have been incredible.

Smiiffy, …Josh, is currently working with many charities mainly mental health as it affects so many people. Not every disability is visible.

Over a staggering 20,000 people have heard of Smiiffy and have given him many opportunities by becoming a supporter. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your free download and we have added more of Smiify’s tracks in case you want to enjoy more of his music.

Simply click the download button and you will access the mp3 track to download to your device.