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SKYDIVE to End Homelessness



Will you do a skydive challenge to help a person to help him/herself out of the poverty-homeless trap?


How’s it work?

Simply raise a minimum of £500 via your friends and family to cover the cost of your jump, approx £250 with the remaining £250 dedicated for our project.


Skydives can be enjoyed in a location close to where you live and at a date to suit yourself. We will communicate with you personally to make arrangements and pay the deposit and make the booking on your behalf with the skydiving center, paying in FULL just before your big day (as per terms of skydive center).


BE SUPER FANTASTIC.   Let your supporters know that you are…….



If you would kindly consider repaying the cost of your jump, via our basic membership plan, for the price of a cup of coffee each month (only £3)  that would be even more amazing.  This means people are more likely to want to donate on your page in support of you as they realize that their generosity is funding the project as opposed to funding your jump.

PLUS……. as an OFFICIAL FUND RAISER you will be invited to be a continuous fund raiser, wearing the badge of honour on your member profile, and as part of the fundraising TEAM enjoy many more opportunities for real challenge adventure fundraising.


PEACE OF MIND for your supporters : Funding PROJECTS and NOT just your experiences and expeditions.

Enjoy tons of extra benefits as our way of giving you a GREAT BIG THANKYOU for helping people to help themselves out of homelessness.  AMAZING PRIZES donated to us via our many connections.

  • First contact opportunities for supported extreme activity fundraising
  • Annual Prize Draw :  One major prize per year specifically for Official Fund Raisers ie family holiday week, major camping equipment (tents) etc
  • Quarterly Prize Draw:  for small gifts ie.  boots, small camping equipment, weekend breaks etc

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