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Walking away from homelessness.

The Story of SOL

One person’s journey from poverty and homelessness to a sustainable career in the Great Outdoors


Will YOU be part of the Story?

Homeless ends here for ONE single person experiencing the isolation and degredation of homelessness.



We are looking for at least 40 persons who are willing to do a skydive. All for great cause of course!   Register to our Pilot Project here


Let’s DROP the Label. No more homelessness. Just a Student of Life. SOL.


Referred to us by our partner organisations, SOL will literally be walking 1000 miles all over the UK getting healthier by the day.  Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.


On completion (approx 6-9 months) and after lots of amazing skills learning and assessments he/she will be qualified as Hills and Moorland Leader. This is a fantastic and sustainable career in a fast growing industry and is also a great stepping stone to higher levels with the ability to reinvest into him/herself and diversify into other outdoors qualifications.




SOL can then choose to to either remain working with us to help the next person and the next OR go on as self employed ( with our business support) OR find a job in a related field.

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Hills and Moorland Leadership Qualification

A stepping stone to higher levels

Walking. It’s widely accepted that outdoors activity is good for health. 

More and more people want to experience nature and the beautiful landscapes of the British Isles


And many people prefer to utilize the skills and expertise of a qualified guide to lead them safely over different terrains in the hills and moorlands.


A unique and wonderful pathway to success and self sufficiency


It is very important to empower people to take increasing control of their own lives and arriving at a point when a person can earn his/her own income, either as self-employed or in a job working in a related field should happen as soon as possible. With Hills and Moorland Training plus business mentoring and support, together we can help a person to arrive at the point of self sufficiency within 6-9 months.


The best thing anyone can do is to keep moving forward and building upon skills and learning on a daily basis


Once self-sufficient, they will then be able to choose whether or not they go onto develop their skills and re-invest in themselves by funding thier own training to higher levels in same field, or more diverse qualifications. Always with our help and support of course.



Being outdoors & walking is a great way to improve health, mentally physically & spiritually


When a person experiences homelessness it is highly likely that they they will also be experiencing poor health due poor nutrition and lack of excercise.


Being outdoors and the simple act of walking is now known to have a positive impact on health and well-being. When we are out walking we cannot help wondering at the beauty of our planet and this helps a person to develop respect for the food that we eat too; ensuring that quality food production without causing harm to the environment or being unduly unkind to animals is important.


From a spiritual perspective it’s that wonderful feel good factor and the joy that each new dawn brings that brings hope for a better and a sense of peace and understanding that we are all part of something very special.


It’s very sociable


Everybody needs somebody. And it’s important that a person who has been homeless, has great friends and support to stay on track and to prevent a person slipping back into homelessness again.  What better way than being in a position throughout training to be totally connected and able to meet up with like minded people who value friendship and love the great outdoors?



We will be providing FULL bursaries to cover all costs of accommodation, clothing and equipment, food, travel, training and assessments.  Only the best will do!!!!


It is expected that your training will take approximately 6-9 months, and will require that you have a reasonable level of fitness and the willingness to learn and to achieve.  A journey of a thousand miles has to begin somewhere!!!


You will be walking all over the UK and Ireland to gain as much experience as possible.  That’s a lotta boot leather!!!!


This is a sociable career so you will be connecting to lots of friends and professionals in your support group on our community.  Don’t be shy!!!


But most of all you will have a great deal of fun and a great sustainable career with full business support too!



Our First Project

Average Earnings on Qualification

Hills & Moorland Leader  £18- £30K

Mountain Leader £22- £40K

Winter Mountain Leader £22- £40K

Assessors and Trainers.. as above plus per assessment/course fees

Making Worthwhile Training and Education Accessible

Will you be the first person that we help?

Stuck in the Homeless-Poverty Trap?

Make sure you let us know who you are by registering and connecting with us!