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We Require Partner Businesses in Specific Fields

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As we give a hand-up to help homeless persons to help themselves out of the poverty-homeless trap each person that we are helping will need lots of support from different business sectors all over the UK and Ireland.


We believe every person needs to be valued and empowered to make their own choices. 

This is particularly applicable to our SOLs (Students of Life) and each will be supported and encouraged to take increasing control of thier own lives throughout their journey from homeless to a sustainable career/own business in the outdoors industry.

Initially we will be providing the funding for business support from our partner members.

We currently require business partners in the following fields.

Personal & Business Coaching

Every SOL (Student of Life) will have very special needs for tailored learning on their journey from homelessness and will require 1-2-1 support from professional coaches for:

  1. Outdoors Skills in many fields
  2. Health & Nutrition, Wellness
  3. Self Motivation and Responsibility. Positivism.
  4. Business, book keeping, etc
  5. Life Skills, work life balance etc
  6. more….