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Our Vision

A sustainable future with no more poverty and homelessness

Our Mission

To help people to help themselves out of poverty and homelessness

When people help themselves, they are more likely to create lasting change in their lives


The Plan

One Person, One Project, One Step at a Time

Being surrounded by great friends and our natural world, and a home to call our own is a privilege that everyone is entitled to.


But there are many people in our society that our socially excluded from accessing these basic human needs. These are the people living in poverty and homelessness.

One person at a time we aim to support and empower people to help themselves out of homelessness, by provision of complete bursaries for vocational training in outdoors careers which is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK


As a Community Interest Company, Social Enterprise we generate voluntary and multiple income streams to fund individual projects.


Our projects are Hand Up not a Hand Out


Every project is person centered and holistically tailored to an individuals needs. Bursaries will cover the costs of personal and business support, food, transport and accommodation, professional training and instruction, insurances, phone and internet……. what ever it takes to keep a person, safe, motivated and supported at all times.

We cannot afford to fail people. But we know that we can only help people who are willing to help themselves.  Our aim is to facilitate the high quality coaching, mentoring, training and assessments that will support and enable people to gain milestone qualifications in meaningful careers in the Great Outdoors.

Every individual will have the opportunity once qualified to remain working with us to help the next person and the next.


If we can help just ONE person… then we have done a great job!  

If we can help hundreds of people….. then we have done a GREAT JOB!