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Why we began

Friendship and nature can have a profound impact on a persons health and well being.


Poverty and social exclusion prevents access to these things.


So we decided that we wanted to create something different and continue to build upon this to have a lasting positive impact in the lives of everyone.


There are many studies that show direct correlation between storytelling and improving lives.


So we have built a place that is accessible to all, for people who value friendship and nature to share thier stories.Together we can also create new stories as we meet up with like minded friends who love the great outdoors all over the UK and Ireland.


Our place aims to help all people in our society to feel valued and important. We also have an aim to be a hand up for those who are socially excluded.

We are a Social Enterprise

on a mission to improve lives


We aim to make ALL groups of people within our society feel valued and important

Friendship and Nature

We believe that friendship and nature is a great way to make a difference in people’s lives