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As we seek our main site sponsor for that very special mutually beneficial relationship we feel we should define the specific criteria that we believe both if us should have in common.

Our preferred sponsor should:

  • be a UK branded business.
  • be outdoors related.
  • be able to demonstrate positive environmental and social responsibility…
  • serve a target market who appreciate standards of excellence and achievement.
  • be committed to developing a mutual strategy which is transparent and sincere


Our Summary

  • Outdoor Muckers trades in UK and ROI.
  • Outdoor Muckers members will consist of people and small businesses that work and play in the great outdoors. We are committed to the promotion of environmental stewardship and friendship, totally inclusive.
  • Outdoor Muckers is a Social Enterprise ( Community Interest Company) committed to reaching out and helping the homeless in UK and ROI to access outdoors training and education with a view to self employment or jobs in their chosen industry.
  • Outdoor Muckers will strive to always to provide a high quality membership experience with zero tolerance to spam or disruptive behaviours.


What about your summary?


If you are interested in sponsoring Outdoor Muckers please contact us

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