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Musicians for Change

Helping Artists and Helping Homeless Persons in UK

A Message to Musicians

Your music is incredibly valuable and has immense benefits for people, often having a powerful impact and influence on people’s lives.


We know that a lot of musicians have experienced homelessness and some of you might even still be homeless right now, sofa surfing on friends couches or maybe living in the back of your vans, so we hope that you might be more than willing to join forces with us to help others.


Today we are asking that you help us to “help people to help themselves out of homelessness” by allowing us to help promote and sell your music and to share in your revenue for this very worthy cause.


How it will work

( this is work in progress so please be patient)

As a musician you will join us a #musician member and upload your MP3 music files into our categorized “Musicians Marketplace”. You will be able to add images and even embed the related Youtube video and SoundCloud into the descriptive area if you wish.


We will have set the commissions so each time a customer clicks to make a purchase you will be notified and be able to see the sales and your income inside your “member back office”. We think it’s best that your minimum withdrawal is £5-£10 to save on PayPal fees don’t you agree?


We will be taking care of all the EU VAT for you! That’s one headache you could do without.


Your fans will be able to make a purchase without even having the need to login, just one click through to PayPal is all it takes. However logged in fans will be able to FOLLOW you and watch for your latest uploads which is a big bonus as you can imagine.


We will promote your music out to our own social networks and you and your fans will be able to do likewise.