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Karen Maskall

Founder: Managing and Marketing Director
I am a qualified primary school teacher (B’ed Hons) although no longer working in this sector after having made the choice to work with vulnerable persons in the health and social care sector.


Karen Maskall

I have almost 20 years experience of supporting people with mental and physical disabilities including adults with mild to moderate learning difficulties and, persons with extreme behavioural challenges. I have worked with several adults who were experiencing progressive, degenerative disorders, resulting in loss of memory, thinking and language skills, and often, behavioural changes.


My life has not been without it’s challenges, which included growing up in an environment of violence and alcohol abuse, and then in mid- life for many years living and struggling on the breadline, often in squalid housing. Several years ago I made a choice to live in a small touring caravan to clear debts, calm my anxieties, and to get myself back on my feet again.  I then went on to make several more bad choices in life and relationships only to finally realise that I was a very strong person who is not only able to deal with adversity, but also able  to channel my strengths into helping others even more.


Homelessness for me was always so very close, so I know what it’s like to be scared for the future and desperate to survive sometimes against what seem at the time unsurmountable challenges.  But I was fortunate enough to have many great friends and family who were there for me whenever I needed them.


I have enjoyed learning lots of IT skills, including web design and Internet Marketing amongst others. I know when I need help and know to use my many connections who are always happy to give valued support and services.


It is the combination of my experiences and skills that I utilize now, to manage a social enterprise to help homeless persons in the UK


Today I live once again in a touring caravan as this perfectly enables me to travel the country to be where people that need me the most. It is also perfect for keeping life simple, (my lifestyle choice) with low costs, requiring only a nominal salary from Outdoor Muckers CIC. This means more money in the pot for helping those in need!


You will often find me out and about with my very large rescue greyhound “Arfa-Crown” who insists on taking me for very long daily walks.


My heart is in helping others. Always has been and always will be.


I look forward to meeting you!

Laura Maskall



I have qualifications in Leadershp & Management, Human Resources and Business Improvement, and I am currently studying and working towards a Diploma in Nutrional Health & Healing.


Laura Maskall     I have worked for just over 15 years in companies where I have developed and utilized many skills, and I am a confident and reliable HR Coordinator with extensive knowledge of key processes such as disciplinary, grievance, redundancy, and contractual changes. I have hands on experience in disciplinary hearings, redundancies, employee grievances and advising on the current employment laws and an extensive knowledge of working practices, recruitment, pay, conditions of employment and diversity issues.


I try to live an holistically healthy lifestyle and I believe that this can only be achieved by an understanding that the health of humans is also connected to the health of animals and our environment. Change for me is about taking it one step at a time and enjoying every minute, as I get healthier by the day.


It is my role in “Outdoor Muckers” to ensure the company stays on track with it’s core values, and utilizes funds effectively to help those who are currently experiencing homelessness and transitioning towards sustainable careers or jobs in the outdoors sector.  I will also be responsible for accountability and transparency which I believe is an essential core element in any business or social enterprise. 


I have two gorgeous Jack Russels “Penny & Tuppence” who make sure I’m out and about for long walks every day. They are my true teachers in unconditional love and trust.


I look forward to meeting you!