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There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends.

That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first; when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Friends are amazing aren’t they? 

They can be as diverse as the whole of nature, and some can be as unreliable as the weather.  But sometimes in life there comes a time when we find a need to move on from certain friends as we grow and change. It’s not that we forget them, because they were there when we needed and loved them the most. It’s just that sometimes, our direction in life becomes completely different than theirs and we need the space to breathe again and learn new things.

Finding new friends is easy isn’t it? meet like minded friends UK and ROI

Well it might be for some but not necessarily for others. As previously mentioned with the rise in social networks and virtual friendships it appears that there are more and more people who are lonely or depressed.  So why is this happening? In a world where there is abundant ways to meet like real like minded people?  Well virtual friends are exactly that. It might be a real person at the end of the line, but we don’t really know that anymore.  I’m not talking about people who you already know, or the business person who you know is real, I’m talking about all those friends who connect with you on line and you really have no idea from Adam if they are real or not. Nothing can replace the closeness of real friends. Being in a room or sharing in an activity The realness, the exchange of a smile and a laugh… a virtual friend can never replace these things?

So how can we make new friends who share common interests?

Well here on the Outdoor Muckers we aim to pride ourselves in encouraging people to get creative, and get connected in the real world, as well as back in touch with nature and the great outdoors too!  This is the way that people make real friends who share common interests. We are not here to lead the way. We are here to find the leaders in our members. In you!  It is with the friends who reach out to others, the friends who inspire interests, and the friends that have a mission to make this world a better place, that our journey begins.

Just open your eyes and your mind and let the friendships begin. As they say, it all begins with one small step in the right direction. So step this way, and join us for free today. One by one we can make this world a friendlier place. And one by one new friends will join us.  Friends that are also friends with nature. Will you be one of the first?

Outdoor muckers is Socail Enterprise giving back to society

"Outdoor Muckers" is a social enterprise initiative with a social objective to have a positive impact on helping the homeless in the UK and ROI, whilst trading as a great place for people from all walks of life in the UK and ROI to make new friends with like minded people who love the great outdoors.

And whilst we are all having fun meeting up with each other in the great outdoors, you can be assured that your membership is making a real difference to homeless persons too!

So please be sure to come along and have some fun meeting new like-minded friends who love the great outdoors so we can get on with making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.