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One Person One Project One Step at a Time

Incredible thanks if you can make a token donation on behalf of Mark who will be walking 1000 miles away from homelessness in early 2018. Mark’s life is about to be improved totally, physically, mentally and spiritually.


Mark needs lots of great friends and small businesses and the very best in personal and business coaches to support him every day. We CANNOT afford to fail Mark or anyone else who we will be supporting in the near future.


Mark is currently being supported by Chester Aid to the Homeless who have kindly referred him to us. We hope they will continue to refer people to us for many years to come.

Mark chose to pursue an outdoors career as Hills and Moorland Leader so he can go on to help many more people who are experiencing the isolation and degradation of homelessness. Throughout his training there will plenty opportunity for you to join him on his journey in many different ways.

Mark’s training will take around 6-9 month to complete and he will be required to log quality walks in different terrains and areas of the UK. Starting with smaller walks to build up his health and strength, then onto longer and more challenging walks as per requirements of his training.

Our complete bursary will cover all the costs of accommodation, clothing and equipment, transport, connectivity, the very best in coaches and trainers, and of course all the lovely healthy food that he will require for wellness.

Please consider joining our community as a member in support of Mark who is now step by step ready to share his story and to keep us all updated on his journey out of homelessness on a daily basis.