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If you were helping yourself out of homelessness

Wouldn't you want to have the right to choices in your life?

And wouldn’t you expect to utilize the knowledge, skills and expertise of some of the very best coaches and mentors that can provide valuable and meaningful experiences helping you to set yourself up for lifelong learning and success in your life?


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Outdoor Muckers facilitates vocational training enabling and empowering people to help themselves out of homelessness and who have an interest in the Great Outdoors as new job/ career or even as a way to provide a part-time income enabling a person to study different complimentary interests.

We take an holistic approach and encourage and enable people to experience as many things as possible that are related to living and working a healthier lifestyle that will set them up for a lifetime of fulfillment and happiness.



Pilot Project Give a Hand-Up to Mark

It makes good sense to think about every aspect

because life isn't linear. It's rounded with many lumps and bumps too!



Outdoor Muckers believes that learning is about discovery of new things and of oneself at the same time. It’s about experiencing as many things as possible that will lead to a well rounded and balanced lifestyle and an ability to overcome challenges along the way.


For each of our projects we know that every person deserves the very best of support in every aspect of their lives. And we do begin by helping a person to get back to good health as soon as possible, especially considering that outdoor activity can be strenuous and demanding requiring good stamina.



A home is more than just a building

Outdoor Muckers will provide the right living environment/accommodation that suits the vocational training provision. Accommodation will of course be temporary and conditional on a person continuing to participate in learning yet our support will go beyond the training courses and help a person to find a comfortable affordable place to call their own and where they can be happy. They say home is where the heart is, and it shouldn’t be a prison or a place that is a noose around the neck.



You are what you eat.

We will encourage and enable a person to visit healthy food producers like local farmers, who nurture the land and respect life, with the ultimate aim of inspiring to live a healthier lifestyle with good food that leads to better health.



Everybody needs somebody.

Good friends are hard to find sometimes, but we believe that being around the people who share similar interests is the right way to go. All of our projects will be supported by great friends and we will even be putting a buddy scheme in place to support this. Friends will have the opportunity to meet up and enjoy things together that really matter.