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They can range from children to adults and even in some cases, families. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look there is always someone less fortunate than you, in some places more than others. Who are they? The homeless.

two homeless friends

Karl and Brian still homeless after more than 30 years. Read about them here

Homeless people come from all walks of life. And lots of people tend to label the homeless, dangerously shifting the blame onto the individual. The truth of the matter is it can happen to any of us at anytime. More shocking is the fact that maybe 1 in 10 of homeless persons are ex-military persons.

Most people are fortunate enough never to have to experience homelessness. But for those who do, it can be a very traumatic experience that is hard to escape from, damaging physical and emotional well-being along the way.

The homeless are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Often living in temporary accommodation, and taking meaningless jobs with low pay, low poverty levels, coupled with having to juggle the bills with cheap unhealthy eating, can cause distress and mental illness. Even the lucky few as we might think of them have difficulty in holding onto jobs, which may require expensive transportation costs, and involve unsociable hours adding to fatigue and feelings of isolation.

There are no one stop solutions. What is required is that all organisations work together to help solve the problems. But still it seems there are no easy answers.

But what if…. What IF we could make just a small dent in the situation?

What if the homeless could find meaningful employment and learning experiences, coupled with good accommodation and a social circle of friends and colleagues who think that there is HOPE for a better future?

Well we think we have one answer. It’s not the only answer by any means, but it is just ONE way that we here at Outdoor Muckers can play but a small part in helping to sort the homeless crisis and to give people the hope for a better future that everyone deserves.

As a Social Enterprise and Community Interest Company(registration pending) we aim to help the homeless. To do this we will be generatng revenue from our social network with memberships and business advertising. 50% of our income will go directly in supporting homeless persons through outdoors training with a view to self employment for their future. The remaining revenue will serve to protect the companys assets and be reinvested into growth and development to further support the cause of helping the homeless.

SOL. Drop the label of homeless, and become a student of life!

A step by step approach for our “students of life”

  • Work with relative organizations who can refer homeless persons that are interested in and would be capable of “outdoor activities” training from a varied choice of interests.

    Why Outdoors Activities?

    We are “Outdoor Muckers” and outdoor activities/pursuits training fits in with our ethos to promote friendship and activities in the great outdoors
  • Provide Bursaries and Conditional Cash Tranfers. Provide the means of transport to and from training, and some clean, warm accomodation.

    What transport and accomodation

    We will loan out a small car (necessary to get to training courses) and either pay for accomodation that might be provided with the course ( student halls/ other) OR a touring caravan with site and auto related fees fully paid. In many cases a caravan is perfect for moving around the area to gain experiences in various geological locations..
  • Work with the SOL to develop a clear pathway forward.

    Pathways and Guidelines

    It is important that each SOL has a clear understanding about the expectations and outcomes of training.A SOL will be expected to attend training, keeping the required logs as expected from trainers and assessors. He/she must be able to show that there is commitment to a future career.
  • Employ the use of qualified trainers and expert courses.

    Expert trainers

    Trainers of high standards and who are members of regulated public bodies, and who can offer complete training covering all aspects of the skills, and health and safety. Trainers must be able to offer access assesment and to registered awards and qualifications to the trainee (SOL)
  • Supply on loan all equipment and quality suitable outdoors clothing.

    Clothing loans

    The right clothes and tools for the job are a must. Initially all of these will be supplied on a loan basis. We may aquire such clothing and basic stuff by donations, with the exception of shoes where it is important that feet are measured and the shoes are the right fit and style for the chosen courses.
  • Empower the SOL to be self organized, and motivated to learn.

    Self organization

    A person who is able to organize his/her own life and motivate themself for training towards a better future, is far more likely to succeed than a person who feels “auto directed” by any system. Being respected to be one’s true self is a basic human right and will set our SOL up with skills for life
  • Provide budget for food. ( we are assuming that all social benefits will cease to exist)

    Out of the system

    Currently the situation whereby a person enters into training or supported work placements may be treated differently with individual social services. We “err” on the side of caution in that that a person will need full financial support from us to include at least the same amount of benefits that may have been entitled to.
  • Towards self employment and a sustainable future

    Our solution

    Supporting our students of life towards self employment (or obtaining a job in thier industry) is the next vital step after gaining qualifications and becoming highly qualified and able to teach others. We will support each new business with free marketing and guidance. We extend the loan of the caravan ( if one has been utilized) and car for up to 3 months after qualifying giving time for the new business person to have started earning thier own income. In some cases deposits on private rental apartments may be offered too. It is vital that nobody slips back through the net into the despair of homelessness again.

How you can help.

Outdoor Muckers, brings like minded people and businesses together who love friends and love the great outdoors.

All we need is for you, as a member ( business or non-business) of the Outdoor Muckers, is to voluntarily upgrade your membership so we can take the next steps together in our first project. You will aslo have the opportunity to sponsor a student of life (SOL)so you know exactly where you rmoney is being spent. Each student will have a story to tell of thier experiences along thier journey so you will always be fully informed, and feel more connected.

And please recommend us on.  It’s not a big ask, and its entirely do-able. And along the way you will have fun, and opportunity to be part of a much bigger picture.. helping the homeless.

Outdoor muckers is Socail Enterprise giving back to society

"Outdoor Muckers" is a social enterprise initiative with a social objective to have a positive impact on helping the homeless in the UK and ROI, whilst trading as a great place for people from all walks of life in the UK and ROI to make new friends with like minded people who love the great outdoors.

And whilst we are all having fun meeting up with each other in the great outdoors, you can be assured that your membership is making a real difference to homeless persons too!

So please be sure to come along and have some fun meeting new like-minded friends who love the great outdoors so we can get on with making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.