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Homelessness Cost to an Individual

Evidence suggests that the longer someone is homeless the more difficult it can become to get back on your feet with increased chances of:


  • experiencing mental and physical health problems
  • substance abuse,
  • anti-social behavior, involvement with criminal justice sytstem and acute NHS services more likely



Homelessness Cost to the Taxpayer

estimated at



per day per person

(£26k per year)

This keeps rising the longer a person remains homeless due to increased use of services and specialist support for mental and physical deterioration in health

We work with grass roots organizations who are able to refer suitable candidates to us that have a keen interest in pursuing a career in outdoor activities.

Once referred the individual is invited to spend 3 days and two nights with us which acts as a taster session, and which will be arranged in suitable outdoor locations and accommodation.  This will give us time to get to know each other and to discuss the plans ahead, which include gaining qualifications in outdoors pursuits. Should he/she feel they are ready to utilize our help and support we then put plans into place.

Students of Life

We drop the label of homelessness and the individual is now a “Student Of Life” (SOL).  Every SOL will be supported directly with a “Buddy” who is fully qualified in same industry, and will be living alongside throughout the duration of their training. We make sure that our SOLs never feel isolated or alone. A “Buddy” will be mentor/trainer and friend.

We provide bursaries to help with the following:

  • provision of temporary accommodation, including all rents and maintenance, fuel etc
  • payments for insurances, equipment, clothing, food and other ongoing costs
  • payments in full for course fees
  • full provision of travelling and any other accommodation that might be necessary during training

In other words we take care of their every need.

We make sure everything is in place for a SOL

  • provide an address
  • register with local GPs and other health teams who they may require support from
  • make sure driving licenses and other documents are all updated
  • register with any organizations as required for the purpose of living and training
  • help set up a bank account

Self Employment with Qualifications

When everything is in place a SOL then completes the training to be a fully qualified and self employed person in his/her own right, who in turn can then become a “buddy” to our next SOL, ( with our ongoing support) and continue to train through higher level qualifications or to diversify into other outdoors interests. We believe this a dignified way to feeling valued and it is one more step in the right direction when a person can begin to budget and control their own finances. Business support and marketing will be provided to ensure smooth transition into self-employment.

Please check out an itinery for a SOL training in outdoors pursuits here.


Outdoor muckers is Socail Enterprise giving back to society

"Outdoor Muckers" is a social enterprise initiative with a social objective to have a positive impact on helping the homeless in the UK and ROI, whilst trading as a great place for people from all walks of life in the UK and ROI to make new friends with like minded people who love the great outdoors.

And whilst we are all having fun meeting up with each other in the great outdoors, you can be assured that your membership is making a real difference to homeless persons too!

So please be sure to come along and have some fun meeting new like-minded friends who love the great outdoors so we can get on with making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.