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If it happened to you we would be there for you too!

That’s a bold statement.

But our mission is to empower people to help themselves out of homelessness.  So that’s what we would endeavor to do for YOU.


How we would help

As with persons experiencing homelessness who are referred to us for support with one of our projects, we will work with you on a plan that will empower you to take back control of your life, and to give you an opportunity to work towards a meaningful career in one of the fastest growing industries and provider of jobs in the UK, The Great Outdoors.


We are currently compiling a list of courses that we will be able to fund in the future. They will be wide ranging, and will include temporary accommodation and coaching support if you require for overcoming personal challenges until a qualification is gained and you are then able to either get a job, or with support from our business and marketing coaches, become registered as self employed.


A careers counselling session may be your first port of call with us. It may be that you would benefit from a full day, with one of our coaches, who have expertise in helping you to find the real YOU and to explore options building up your vision for your own future.


If for any reason our courses are not suited to the kind of future career you might want to train we may be able to point you in the direction of other organisations who offering opportunity for homeless persons to train for jobs in their industry


Please remember we give Hand-Ups, a chance for a new start in life and all applicants must ready and willing to help themselves and to put in the time and effort to all training and education that you enrol in. This is why a day with a coach is invaluable to determine the right pathway for you