Happy Birthday Mark

Even though you feel that nobody cares we are here to let you know that


A message to you, my friends

It is Mark’s birthday on Friday so today I am asking you if would kindly send all of your positive energy and kind words to someone, a beautiful person, who recently came into my life and might soon come into your life too.

Mark is homeless, (for 20 years) and has had what I can only say is a life of “terrible sadness and pain” which in turn led him to what he says is “going off the rails” and unable for all his life, to get back on track. Mark is prepared soon to tell his story even though it brings back the terrible memories of things he was hoping to forget, because he now  believes it will help others to find the strength to go on.

I’m also asking for just £1 please if you can

hopefully from around 20 of us, so we can buy him a birthday present in the form of a mobile phone. I could make this purchase myself but at the end of the day I want this to come from ALL OF US as a way of letting hm know that we care. On his birthday card I will be adding all of our names and messages and if possible today, providing you are able to send a short selfie saying” Happy Birthday Mark” ‘I’ll make a nice video which I will share with him via my own phone. I’ll share it with you too!

Mark and myself, shall both at some point find time to sit in the park or in the meadows, somewhere quiet and peaceful, and share coffee and a cake and make his birthday something special. Being close to nature is special to him. These are the places where he feels relaxed and wonders about the meaning of life. I assure you he can chunner on about the birds and the fish in the river for ages. I’m all ears believe me. 🙂

I can’t promise that I will film Mark’s reaction to his birthday wishes.. Quite simply because I do not want to be viewed as making a spectacle of a homeless person and his plight, if this makes any sense to you at all.  However if Mark wants me to record something he says in gratitude then I shall be more than happy to do that as he wishes. This is NOT about making a spectacle video for youtube nor facebook likes. This is about a lovely person and the sharing of friendship with him, especially on his special day and hopefully beyond.

Please celebrate Marks birthday with me

I am adding this Paypal link below if you can find it in yourself and in your heart to send that little £1. I’ve added a place in the paypal so you can add your message which I’ll add on his birthday card.  Please make sure to add your real name in that message so I know who you are 🙂

Donate to Mark’s birthday gift


I would like you to know that this will be Mark’s personal gift from all of us.


IF the donations go over the amount required for his birthday gift, then that will go into another fund, one which is aimed at giving Mark a hand-up so that he can help himself out of poverty and homelessness.  I’m not going to add a link to this fund/project here today because I don’t want to detract from his “very special birthday gift“. I hope you understand and of course you can email me or send me a text message anytime to learn more if you wish.


Donate to Mark’s birthday gift

Thankyou for your kindness and generosity


Karen Maskall

is just someone who believes that the

Power of Friendship and Nature can Improve Lives