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Welcome to my personal fundraising page.  YEEHAH 

Hi to all my friends and family.  It’s me Neil Bennet hope you recognised me as my alter-ego Ha Ha

This is a brilliant project….  and it’s only the first of many.  (please be sure to watch the video below)

I’m doing a “very scary skydive” which has been fully funded personally by Karen Maskall founder of Outdoor Muckers. It’s all going to be filmed and I’m hoping that all of you enjoy a great laugh at my expense. As good friends do ha ha.

This means 100% of donations go directly to this project

This is Mark who needs our help


TOGETHER we can help him to literally walk away from 30 years of in and out of homelessness for the next 6-9 months of his life towards a meaningful career in the GREAT OUTDOORS.

We will need to cover the costs of accommodation, clothing and equipment, healthy food, connectivity (phone internet), transport, insurances, outdoors skills learning, personal and business coaching and mentoring, and ongoing assessments for achieving tangible and meaningful milestones and qualifications. Once qualified as a Hills and Moorland Leader we will be employing his services and knowledge to help the next homeless person and the next, OR he might want to diversify into other fields, (there is literally 100s of outdoor careers to choose from and it s one of the fastest growing industries and provider of jobs in the UK) OR even get a job elsewhere with an AMAZING CV.

Homelessness in the UK is on the rise and there are literally thousands of people many of whom are also “hidden homeless”.

I believe there is around 7000+ ex servicemen and women too, maybe more.   People will be referred to these “outdoors careers” projects from all the organisations and outreach programs all over the UK……. it’s only just begun!  

Please support me to be part of this amazing project, as it means a lot to me.   

As they say… we are all probably only one or two pay cheques away from being homeless ourselves.

This is just the first of many projects to come and I truly believe that empowering people to help themselves like this will create LASTING CHANGE.

The best part is though…… we can all,  if we choose,  play a role in Mark’s life  because we can meet up on walks, camping expeditions and even do some bush-crafting together.  I for one cannot wait to meet up.  It’s what great friends do best, have fun and help each other out when “life gives ya lemons

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